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What We Do

We create and manage scholarship programs for organizations around the country, and work with hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide to connect deserving students to these scholarship opportunities.


Managing a scholarship program is complex and time-consuming. To do it well, it requires creating and maintaining a nationwide network of college campus contacts, robust online application technology and applicant tracking system, unbiased selection committees, audit proof distribution of funds, academic performance monitoring on an ongoing basis, detailed reporting, and knowledgeable customer service.


We talk with donors all around the country and hear these same pain points. We work with businesses large and small, trust officers, foundations, service organizations, associations, and individuals. Whether you already operate a scholarship program and want to outsource its management to focus on your core business, or if you want to build a new program from scratch, we can help!

All Inclusive

Our team, with over 50 years of financial aid management experience, offers a full-service scholarship management experience. We exist to simplify the process for you to offer scholarships to students.

How it Works

Customized Scholarship Management Services

We will help build a custom scholarship management program for you from any of the following services provided by our team:

  • Develop comprehensive policies and procedures for your new or existing program

  • Branded online application personalized for your scholarship that is secure and mobile friendly. 

  • Assist in online marketing and social media promotion of your scholarship program – including geo-targeted matching to desired candidates

  • Applicant packet processing and validation that applicants meet scholarship criteria

  • Unbiased Scholar Impact scholarship selection committee

  • Communications with applicants – including award letters, regret notifications, and renewal procedures (If applicable)

  • Advance award notifications to college financial aid offices – This is a critical often-missed step for recruiting and accurate financial aid award package creation

  • Distribute funds to recipients desired college – We pre-validate the correct recipient on campus to avoid delays in awarding scholarship to student accounts.

  • Liaison with financial aid offices to verify appropriate use of funds and adherence to applicable regulations. Ie. NCAA, U.S. Department of Education, State authorities.

  • Manage scholarship renewals and monitor student success, eligibility, and need analysis.

  • Friends and responsive customer service for students and donors

  • Ad Hoc and scheduled donor reports

  • Manage “Thank You” letters from student recipients


  • You get to be involved in as much or as little of the scholarship management as you like

  • Our unbiased selection committee ensures your scholarship awarding process is fair

  • 50+ years of financial aid management experiences – Experience matters!

  • Streamlined services and batch processing results in cost savings

    • If you already pay an employee to handle this task for you, we find that our fee is generally only a small percentage of the equivalent salary.

  • Free up time and resources to work on your core business

  • Access our nationwide network of college financial aid offices for coast to coast marketing and applicant targeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a scholarship program designed already? Can you do that for me?

Absolutely! Our team are experts are creating a custom tailored scholarship to meet your goals and maximize your impact!

What does it cost?

We charge one annual fee for our customized scholarship management services. This fee is based on the size of your scholarship program and your desired services. We are happy to provide a no-obligation free quote after a brief conversation about the type of program you want to offer.